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Mediplus was established in the United Kingdom in 1986. The Company's focus is the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative medical devices that meet the needs of patients and clinicians worldwide.

The Mediplus philosophy is to provide high quality products at fair prices supported by excellence in customer service. The Company sells direct to end-users in the United Kingdom and to more than forty countries internationally through a network of carefully selected distributors.

The first Mediplus range of products, developed for the urodynamic market, highlights this philosophy. Mediplus was the first company to develop colour-coded lines, incorporate extension sets and feature an offset lumen to allow greater filling rates.

The Mediplus urodynamic range is used throughout the world by clinicians who care about patient comfort. Since 1986 Mediplus has used its expertise in manufacturing to develop and launch products for the Urology, Urogynaecology, Gynaecology, Gastroenterology, Anaesthetics, and General Surgery sectors.

On 22nd April 2013, Mediplus received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade.  These awards are made annually by HM The Queen, and are only given for the highest levels of excellence. The Mediplus award recognises our achievement of increased year on year export sales growth for the last six years.

  Mediplus Directors accepting the Queens Award

Mediplus Chairman, Bob Urie, and Managing Director, Emma Gray, accept
The Queen's Award from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire
 Photo ©Ben Rector 2013

On 30th October 2015, Mediplus officially open our own manufacturing facilities. This fulfilled one of Mediplus' goals of manufacturing our own products in the UK. Products that will be manufactured here will include our S-CathTM System, TIVA lines and connectors, our Foley catheters, catheter exchange kit to name but a few.

Mediplus, Cleanroom

Mediplus holds CE mark, ISO 13485 certification and has FDA approval for a number of products. Products are marketed throughout Europe, in the USA and Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.

Directive 93/42/EEC

ISO 13485:2016

 BSI   BSI - ISO13485

In the UK we hold the Investors in People award, which recognises our commitment to the ongoing development and training of our personnel and high levels of service to our customers. 

Investors In People, Mediplus      

See our Investors in People Certificate

Medical Industry Accredited

The Medical Industry Accredited (MIA) service allows members of the health service to check the credentials of visiting medical technology industry staff to enusre that they are properly qualified to enter into sensitive areas within a hospital.

Mediplus is Medical Industry Accredited

All of our employees who have direct contact with members of the health service are accredited under this scheme.

Labour Standards Policy

For a copy of the Mediplus Ethical/Labour Standards Policy please click here

If you would like a hard copy please email help@mediplus.co.uk

Mediplus is committed to upholding an ethical labour policy in line with its legal and moral obligations.

The standards are maintained within the Company and the Suppliers within the Company’s supply chain.

If you have concerns about any issues relating to ethical or labour standards occurring anywhere in the Mediplus supply chain you can email whistleblowing@mediplus.co.uk in confidence.

Cyber Essentials

Mediplus has received the certificate of compliance for Cyber Essentials.

Mediplus - Cyber Essentials logo

Click to download our certificate

Mediplus People

Mediplus is a medical devices innovation company. Since 1986 company successes include:

Launch of the world’s first non-invasive pressure flow study system - the CT3000. Designed to accurately predict Bladder Outlet Obstruction, it provides comparable results to traditional invasive urodynamics with a high level of patient comfort and the capability to test more patients per day.

Development and launch of Siamese tubing and colour coding in the anaesthetic range to prevent entanglement and deliver increased patient safety through reduction in medication errors.

Development of the Mediplus Suprapubic Catheter system; an easier and safer method of introducing a Foley catheter suprapubically. This product does not require general anaesthetic and is therefore in demand from hospitals who wish to deliver high quality care at lower cost.

Development of the World's First Silicone Shelf Pessary, an anatomically shaped pessary that is softer and more malleable for more comfort. 

Introduction of a location device for non-palpable breast lesions that enables a surgeon to operate in a cosmetically effective manner.

Many of these Mediplus developments have been granted international patent protection.

The Company has an excellent development pipeline of new and innovative medical devices. Mediplus continually searches out ideas to keep the company at the leading edge of technology and clinical practice. Mediplus always welcomes discussion with any clinician who has an idea they wish to develop.

Mediplus understands the importance of development and education for its users, international distributor partners and its own staff. Mediplus has received the Investors in People Award - a testimony to its philosophy of marketing high quality products supported by high levels of customer service delivered by trained and motivated Mediplus staff.

User training is a priority activity for Mediplus. This ranges from product and procedure education to managing other elements of the job essential to running a clinic in the most effective way.

Mediplus provides its international distributor partners with the necessary tools to be successful in their own countries. The Mediplus International Division supports a community of distributors overseas who are all focused on providing the same high quality products backed by high levels of customer service that Mediplus users enjoy in the United Kingdom.

Bob Urie
Emma Gray
Managing Director
James Urie
Sales & Marketing Director
Tim Ward
Operations Manager
Mark Cavill
Finance Manager
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