Quit Smoking to Help Fight Impotence

Smoking has been linked to erectile dysfunction for many years. A study has added further proof that this is the case.

The study in Hong Kong has revealed that smokers enjoyed a better sex life after quitting the habit. The three year study was conducted by experts at the University of Hong Kong Schools of Public Health and Nursing. The research team looked at around 700 smokers, aged between 30 and 50, who were suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Better sex life
They found that 53.8 of the subjects who quit smoking reported an overall improvement in their erection problems. This was recorded within half a year after they quit smoking. This meant that the men who were able to stop smoking have a 91.5% better chance of enjoying a better sex life.

Researchers who worked on the study, called for further smoking cessation schemes to be introduced in Chine, where many men are affected by erection problems.

Adverse effects
“Smokers should be aware of such adverse effects from their smoking and should quit now to prevent erectile dysfunction and other diseases caused by smoking” continue reading …



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