Fighting Erectile Dysfunction with a Stroll Around the Block

With all of the commercials out there about “low T” and magic blue pills, it would be easy to think that erectile dysfunction (ED) is curable only by using plenty of meds. The reality for most men is something quite different. Many of the primary causes of Erectile Dysfunction are preventable. Even better, many of these causes have a treatment method in common with a highly effective Erectile Dysfunction treatment: exercise.

The link between aging and a decreased sex drive is relatively well-known and not entirely unexpected. When low libido turns into genuine Erectile Dysfunction, however, it can’t usually be attributed entirely to getting older. Many men with Erectile Dysfunction may have emotional or physical troubles that cause the problem, not just Erectile Dysfunction alone.

According to Healthline, common causes of ED include depression, relationship problems, stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, excessive alcohol intake, overuse of caffeine or tobacco, prescription medications, and chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis.

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