The Ego, Erectile Dysfunction and the Wrong Person

There are three words that can shatter the male ego each time you hear them.  Penis is one; and erectile dysfunction, are the other two.  When used in the same sentence, the combination of these three little words, have Herculean strength.  And if uttered by the wrong person at the right time, they’ll either paralyze or send chills up your spine; especially if they pertain to you.

For years, this embarrassing subject has been a closeted issue for many men, while for others; its mere mention is completely taboo.  Conversations on this topic, coupled with those of penis size and performance, are guarded like the Holy Grail and only spoken of in whispers, if at all.

For most men, having an appendage that is too small, too thin, too short, or having one that encompasses the trio of irregularities, is a hard pill to swallow.  And try as they may to overcome the physical challenge, once the Battle of Erection is lost in the mind, making it to the performance finish line is a far gone thing.

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