Sex Ed: Pumped Up Prostates

Before their debut on thousands of seedy websites, negative pressure vacuum pumps had the noble duty of giving life to the limp. The transparent tubular mechanisms drew blood into penis capillaries, creating otherwise impossible erections for men with chronic diabetes or circulatory disorders.

Surviving prostate cancer is certainly grounds for celebration, but, sadly, along with the loss of the prostate can come the inability to produce and maintain an erection. Because it is virtually impossible to perform radical prostatectomy surgery without disturbing nerves that control the erection process, erectile dysfunction (ED) is an almost guaranteed by product of the procedure.

This is insult to injury for those men who probably experienced some degree of ED due to the cancer in the first place. The good news is, with the help of vacuum therapy, the prostateless masses may not have to endure a flaccid future. A growing number of studies indicate that vacuum therapy has an important role to play in prostate surgery recovery.
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