Dull sex life? 30 minutes of daily exercise could be the cure

Did you know there’s an epidemic of low libido, lack of sexual mojo and high sexual dysfunction–and it’s sweeping the Western world?

Do you want to know one of the main reasons why? Lack of exercise

Men, that spare tire warns erectile dysfunction (ED) is on the way; the jellyroll means clogged capillaries in the penis. And without ready blood flow to those capillaries, that wood’s no good.

But it’s not just guys; women pay penalties for belly fat, too. For one thing, carrying excess weight hurts heterosexual women, more than straight men, when they’re seeking a partner. That’s because men routinely approach women who appear fit, and guys assume that fit women are better in bed.

It may be true. Obese women commonly suffer lackluster libidos, high levels of sexual disorders and low sexual satisfaction compared to women who are fit.

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