10 Things That Can Deflate Your Erection

What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.  Erectile Dysfunction is one of those topics considered taboo.  Now, let’s talk about it in the open.  There are factors that affects erectile dysfunction, and this time, all secrets are out.

  1. Depression – sexual excitement starts in the brain. Since the brain is an erogenous zone, depression can seriously affect your performance for the night (or day).  Medication for depression can have an adverse effect on your sex life: Sex drive, difficulty in having an erection, and delay in orgasm.
  2. Alcohol – this depends on the magnitude of alcohol drank. Though a glass or two can have good effects on the body like decreasing risks for heart diseases, heavy drinking can affect erections, though, good news, temporary.
  3. Smoking – is the key cause of erectile dysfunction. It also causes arterial narrowing, and can soon lead to impotence.   Quit and you will never have to say “no” again.

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