SEXUALITY MATTERS: Opening up a dialogue about erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects a wide range of men. In fact, research shows that 20 percent of men in all age groups and 40 percent of older men are affected with erectile dysfunction. It is a disorder shrouded with taboos and anxiety that often impacts men’s quality-of-life. This often prevents men from discussing the disorder and seeking treatment.

Despite the large numbers of men struggling with ED and the availability of effective pharmacological interventions, men are often reluctant to seek treatment primarily because they believe that their primary care physician will not take them seriously.
According to research studies, a strong connection has been found between erectile function and the quality of life and partnership for men. Therefore, if a man has difficulty with maintaining an erection, this can lead to relationship issues, particularly communication problems, and he may gradually lose closeness with his partner.
So, if your partner has erectile dysfunction, please be sensitive to his problem and begin a discussion with him to seek treatment.

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