Essential facts all men should know about ED drugs

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects nearly every man at some point in his life. Whether it happens only occasionally or has become a chronic problem (or somewhere in between), men frequently turn to erectile dysfunction drugs. While the “little blue pill” and its cousins usually come to mind first, there are other medications for erectile dysfunction that are not taken orally. It’s good to have choices; and fortunately, you do.

What’s the first thing you should do if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction? What do you know about the different erectile dysfunction drugs? What side effects can you expect? How effective are these drugs?

These and more questions are important for every man to ask before he decides to use any type of erectile dysfunction drugs.

If you are experiencing problems in the bedroom and they are not going away, you should seek professional help to identify the reason for your erectile dysfunction. Once you have a better handle on why you are experiencing impotence, the what and how of treatment can begin.

What are the side effects of oral erectile dysfunction drugs?

How effective are oral erectile dysfunction drugs?

What about testosterone for erectile dysfunction?

What about erectile dysfunction drugs available over the Internet?

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