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Silicone 3-way Foley Catheter

Product Information - Silicone 3-way Foley Catheter

The Mediplus 3-Way Foley Catheter

Part of the Mediplus TURP range, these high quality 3-way foley catheters facilitate irrigation during and after procedures, allowing continuous irrigation of the bladder and removing tissue chips, blood clots and other unwanted debris following the TURP procedure. 

4022 - Silicone 3-Way Foley Catheter

Key Benefits of Mediplus 3-Way Foley Catheter

  1. Transparent silicone for easy visual inspection
  2. Low profile, uniformly inflating balloon for easy insertion and removal, and for bladder comfort while in situ
  3. Radiopaque stripe and tip for placement confirmation using x-ray
  4. Retained luer cap (to prevent accidental loss)

The Mediplus 3-Way Foley Catheter is available with 2 different tips.

3-Way Foley Catheter Round Tip   3-Way Foley Catheter Dufour Tip   3-Way Foley Catheter - Balloon Inflation

Code Description      Pack Quantity

Silicone 3-Way Foley Catheter

    Size Length Balloon Capacity Tip  
4018 Silicone Catheter, 3-way, Straight 18Fr./Ch. 42cm 40cc Round 10
4020 Silicone Catheter, 3-way, Straight 20Fr./Ch. 42cm 50cc Round 10
4022 Silicone Catheter, 3-way, Straight 22Fr./Ch. 42cm 50cc Round 10
4024 Silicone Catheter, 3-way, Straight 24Fr./Ch. 42cm 50cc Round 10
4218 Silicone Catheter, 3-way 18Fr./Ch. 42cm 50-80cc Dufour 10
4220 Silicone Catheter, 3-way 20Fr./Ch. 42cm 50-80cc Dufour 10
4222 Silicone Catheter, 3-way 22Fr./Ch. 42cm 80-100cc Dufour 10
4224 Silicone Catheter, 3-way 24Fr./Ch. 42cm 80-100cc Dufour 10
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