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Urodynamic Catheters - Abdominal (Rectal) Pressure

Product Information - Urodynamic Catheters - Abdominal (Rectal) Pressure

Cost effective, single-lumen Urodynamic Catheters for rectal pressures are designed for consistent accuracy of peritoneal pressure measurement and maximum patient comfort. The range includes a choice of 4.5 charriere catheters with PVC flap valve, PVC, latex or silicone balloon.

By using a flap valve or a vented balloon at the proximal tip of the catheter, air can be easily expelled from the catheter lumen during the filling phase of the procedure. The single lumen rectal catheters are smaller than double lumen rectal catheters and, therefore, more comfortable for the patient - and much less expensive

Catheters can be purchased either sterile or non-sterile.


Abdominal-Rectal Pressure Catheters

*Note: On product code 5424 Cystometry lines provide additional 130cm length.

For greater user convenience we also offer Cystometry Sets comprising bladder pressure and filling catheters or bladder filling, pressure and rectal catheters in one pack.  

See Cystometry Sets for details.

The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit

*Note: Cystometry lines provide additional 130cm length

5415 - Rectal Catheter   5424 - Rectal Catheter, Double Lumen   5450 - Rectal Catheter

Code Description      Pack Quantity

Abdominal Pressure Catheters

    Size Balloon Sterile Length  
5400 Rectal Catheter 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC Flap Valve Yes 200cm 25
5405 Rectal Catheter 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC Flap Valve No 200cm 25
5410 Rectal Catheter 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC with slit Yes 200cm 25
5415 Rectal Catheter 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC with slit No 200cm 25
5435 Rectal Catheter 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC (Small) No 200cm 25
5415i Rectal Catheter with introducer 4.5 Fr./Ch. PVC No 200cm 25
5457 Rectal Catheter 10 Fr./Ch. PVC No 38.5cm 10
5424 Rectal Catheter - Double Lumen* 10 Fr./Ch. PVC No 38.5cm* 10
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