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TIVA-TCI multiple infusion sets

Product Information - TIVA-TCI multiple infusion sets

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) along with Target Controlled Infusion (TCI) has seen a significant growth in popularity since its introduction in the mid 1990's. Thanks to extensive developments in IV drug delivery, clinicians now have access to a variety of advanced syring pumps allowing them to perform TIVA in a safe and controlled manner.

With the introduction of advanced syringe pumps needing multiple IV access, clinicians and TIVA enthusiasts asked Mediplus to develop a safer and dedicated multiple infusion set. The first Mediplus "Dual TIVA Set" was launched at the end of the 1990's and was an immediate success.  All Mediplus IV products include features necessary for safe, convenient and cost effective TIVA delivery.

These are:

Features of TIVA Products

RED end caps are fitted at all connections complying with the UK Department of Health guidelines issued following Project Orcadian which reported on incidents with clear end caps and patient breathing circuits.  See here for more information.

To ensure the highest levels of safety during TIVA, the Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (SALG) in their document "Guaranteeing Drug Delivery in Total Anaesthesia" recommends:

  • When administering TIVA a non-return valve is always used on any intravenous fluid line

    All Mediplus IV sets and connectors include non-return valves:
    Anti-reflux valve for the IV fluid line and anti-siphon valves for the syringe pumps

  • Sites of intravenous infusions should be visible so they may be monitored for disconnection, leaks or infusions into subcutaneous tissues

    Mediplus products have soft distal end and/or J-loop configuration to reduce stress on the cannula site and therefore minimise risk of disconnection or cannula dislodgement

  • When using equipment, it is essential that clinical staff know its uses and limitations

    Mediplus, in collaboration with clinicians and TCI pump manufacturers, regularly organises TIVA study days to provide training in TIVA/TCI

  • Organisations give preference to clearly labelled intravenous connectors and valves

    All Mediplus products are clearly labelled for intended use.  Our most popular product, the 3-way TIVA Set, is designed to allow a double infusion of drugs for TIVA as well as the administration of a third fluid under gravity. 


Low priming volume lines, such as Mediplus' micro bore tubing, should be used for drug delivery when using syringe pumps.  This will reduce drug wastage after surgery and limit the impact of possible free flow.

The dead space (or common space), which is the volume where all drugs and IV fluids mix, should also be kept to a minimum.   Mediplus multiple infusion sets have a short, wide bore, soft distal end with a small dead space to allow good flow for IV fluids and reduce stress on the cannula.  When the IV drip is stopped, the delay in drug delivery is therefore minimal and when the drip is restarted the volume of drugs flushed into the patient is negligible.  Risk of overdose is greatly reduced. 

 Red end caps       TIVA Flyer


Product Information - 3-way TIVA-TCI (Multiple Infusion) Sets

3-way TIVA-TCI (Multiple Infusion) Sets

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia

Mediplus 3-way TIVA-TCI sets have been designed to suit the latest developments in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia. The 3-way TIVA-TCI sets have 2 lumens for routine administration of propofol/remifentanil or other agents as well as a distal limb for delivery of IV fluids by gravity.

3-way TIVA Set

Code Description Length Pack Quantity

3-way TIVA-TCI (Multiple Infusion) Sets

6603 3-way TIVA Set 2.0m 50
6605 3-way TIVA Set 2.5m 25
6606 3-way TIVA Set 3.0m 25
6607 3-way TIVA Set 6.0m 10
6614 3-way TIVA Set, 2.0m, non-DEHP 2.0m 50

Product Information - Dual TIVA-TCI Sets / 2-Way IV Set

Dual TIVA-TCI Sets / 2-Way IV Set

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia

The Mediplus Dual TIVA-TCI sets were developed to accommodate a different anaesthetic practice in some hospitals. The patients are usually given IV fluids at the same time as the intravenous anaesthesia. However, some anaesthetists prefer to hydrate the patient beforehand or by using a different cannula site.

Thanks to their dual lumen, the Mediplus Dual TIVA-TCI sets offer a simple solution for the delivery of intravenous agents such as propofol/remifentanil.

The Mediplus 2-way IV set is used widely for single drug sedation or delivery of opioid analgesic agents.

Dual TIVA & 2-way IV Se

Code Description Length Pack Quantity

Dual TIVA-TCI Sets / 2-Way IV Set

6610 Dual TIVA Set 2.0m 50
6601 Dual TIVA Set, non-PVC 2.0m 50
6604 2-Way IV Set 2.0m 50
6202 2-way Infusion Set 2.5m 50

Product Information - 4-way TriplePlus Sets

4-way TriplePlus Sets

To meet the demand for multiple infusions into one cannula, especially in ITU, HDU and Critical Care, Mediplus has released a 4-way set. This allows up to  three modular syringe-pumps and a gravity feed to be connected to one cannula. This solution is very neat and comes at a very competitive price versus standard extension lines with valves.

4-way Triple Plus Set

Code Description Length Pack Quantity

4-way TriplePlus Sets

6630 4-way TriplePlus Set 2.2m 25
6631 4-way TriplePlus Set 3.0m 25
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