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Cystoscopy Sets

Product Information - Cystoscopy Sets


An innovative product for cystoscopy, CystoSetGuard* is a simple extension set incorporating a one-way valve to prevent back-flow into cystoscopy tubing, facilitating safe multiple use of the fluid and administration sets.  Designed for ease of use and to make a significant cost saving on cystoscopy consumables, it also reduces waste and makes environmental savings on urology disposables.

*A.Thompson, I.Pearce, E.Robinson, T.J.Ladds and S.R.Payne.  Bacteriological safety and cost-effectiveness of a nonrefluxing valve in the irrigation system during outpatient flexible cystoscopy.  BJU International (2000), 85, 1019-1022.

Irrigation/Cystoscopy Set   CystoSetGuard

Code Description Pack Quantity

Cystoscopy Sets

9803 Cystoscopy Set with connection tube, spike 20
9806 CystoSetGuard (tubing i.d. 4.8mm / o.d. 9.2mm) 50
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