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Plasma Edge

Product Information - Plasma Edge

The Only True Bipolar Resection System

Plasma Edge Bipolar Resection System

If the prostate becomes enlarged, it can put pressure on the bladder and/or urethra causing symptoms that can affect urination.

A transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is a surgical procedure that involves cutting away a section of the prostate. If the prostate becomes enlarged (BPH) TURP is often recommended if the patient fails to respond to treatment with medication. 

As well as offering a true bipolar system for TURP's, Plasma Edge offers the thinnest cutting loop on the market, which is perfect for the removal of Bladder Tumours (TURB). Because of the thin cut, there is less risk of perforating the bladder wall. 


The Plasma Edge System

The Plasma Edge offers a true Bipolar Resection System. The Plasma Edge has been designed with the simple fact: 

A bipolar system has to be as efficient in CUT and COAGULATION as a classic monopolar system.

Plasma Edge offers all the bipolar benefits with the same efficiency and rapidity of a classic monopolar system.

A bipolar system offers an extremely safe power solution by completely integrating the electric current inside the electrode.  This is unique to Plasma edge

Plasma Edge Technology

Plasma Edge Power

With Lamidey Noury Medical's 65 years experience in the electrosurgical field, they have been able to produce the finest and most efficient plasma resection, the Edge.

  1. Instant plasma activation even on small tissue
  2. The best coagulation effect in bipolar technology
  3. Low average power requirement
  4. Auto-cleaning ability, with quick cut activation

Key Benefits of the Plasma Edge

  1. Excellent coagulation effect - The two poles of the electrodes are close together, this means the power is more concentrated and power leakage is limited.  
  2. Tissues remain white - There is less thermal damage and tissues are not carbonised during the procedure
  3. Low post-operative bleeding - Plasma Edge provides a deeper haemostasis effect
  4. Less patient irritation - Because of the deeper, more powerful cut there is no burning of tissues resulting in post-operative irritation
  5. Possible reduced length of stay in hospital after procedure - 3 days average with monopolar, compared to 1 day with bipolar (Plasma Edge)
  6. Uses a saline solution rather than glycine solution - Glycine solution can/may be absorbed by the patient via the prostatic venous sinuses during a TURP procedure. This absorption can cause TUR syndrome, potentially life-threatening complication.

The Working Element

What are you currently using?

 Plasma Edge Working Elements

In order to avoid changing all existing sets and optics in the hospital, Plasma Edge provides a full range of working elements compatible with your existing resectoscope. This gives an easy and cost effective access to the Plasma Edge technology.

The Plasma Edge Unit

The Plasma Edge MCB Unit


Plasma Edge
Vessel Sealing

Automatic Recognition
User Friendly

Plasma Edge Flyer

Plasma Edge Electrode Range

#VRU1 - Thin Loop  #VRU2 - Thick Loop  #VRUB - Ball Electrode  #VRUN - Needle Electrode  #VRUV - Vaporisation Electrode

Code Description Pack Quantity

Plasma Edge Unit

MCB MCB unit 1
Code Description Pack Quantity

Electrode Range - Urology

VRU11 Thin Loop 1
VRU21 Thick Loop 1
VRUB1 Ball Electrode 1
VRUN1 Needle Electrode 1
VRUV1 Vaporisation Electrode 1
Code Description Pack Quantity

Plasma Edge Resectoscope Range - Adapatable Working Element Solution

V12PR11G1 Active working element compatible with STORZ 1
V12PR10G1 Passive working element compatible with STORZ 1
V12PR311 Active working element compatible with OLYMPUS 1
V12PR301 Passive working element compatible with OLYMPUS 1
V12PR501 Active bipolar handle for WOLF resectoscope (square hollow) 1
V12PR511 Passive bipolar handle for WOLF resectoscope (square hollow) 1
Code Description Pack Quantity

Electrode Range - Gynaecology

VRU31 Thick Loop 1
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