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Peripheral IV Connectors

Product Information - Peripheral IV Connectors

To facilitate the delivery of fluids during labour, obstetric anaesthetists from Coventry designed a triple connector, now rightly known as the Coventry Valve, that can be used for all theatre settings and is especially useful in obstetrics, ICU, HDU and orthopaedics.

The 3-Port triple connector, which has the same configuration as the Coventry Valve, has the added benefit of being non-PVC.

Peripheral IV Connector Flyer

Chalfont and Coventry Connector

Routine induced labour requires the delivery of Syntocinon.  The safest way to administer this is to use a syringe-pump connected to a peripheral access secured by an anti-siphon valve.  This will prevent free-flow, eliminating the possibility of foetal distress. The Chalfont obstetric IV peripheral connector set is a Y connector designed to facilitate this procedure.

The compact design of these products aids patient comfort, makes them easy to affix and unlikely to dislodge.

Increasing Efficiency with the Coventry Connector

2-way Safe Connect & High Flow Y-Connector

Mediplus IV products include features necessary for safe, convenient and cost effective fluid and drug delivery including:

Features of Peripheral IV Connectors

RED End caps at all connections comply with the UK Department of Health guidelines issued following Project Orcadian which reported on incidents with clear end caps and patient breathing circuits.  See here for more information.

IV Connectors

Code Description Pack Quantity

Peripheral IV Connectors

6507 Chalfont Obstetric IV Connector 50
6510 Coventry Valve Triple IV Peripheral Connector Set 50
6517 High Flow Y-Connector 50
6700 2-way Safe Connect 50
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