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Peters Surgical Temporary Occlusion

Product Information - Peters Surgical Temporary Occlusion

Cygnet® Flexible Clamps

Cygnet® captures the best of both worlds for multi-use and aortic cross clamping. The rigid shaft enables tunnelling and accurate clamp placement. Once properly positioned, the rigid shaft retracts leaving a flexible neck, which can be manoeuvred to a location remote of the surgical procedure.
As with all Peters Surgical clamps, Cygnet uses the Intrack® technology for disposable inserts.

Other features include:

- Controlled strength - Comparable in strength to bulkier aortic clamps, but able to provide greater access, control and flexibility in your procedures

- Secure design - The clamp jaw incorporates the patented Intrack channel design, so you are assured your Intrack inserts will remain secure in the channel and provide the highest level of vessel conformability and traction

- Ergonomic - A comfortably designed handle gives you quick release capabilities and precision instrument ratcheting

- Various configurations - Available in a variety of different lengths of jaws - 33 mm, 66 mm and 86 mm, straight or arched

Intrack® Insert Sets

Intrack® inserts are suitable for use with both the Cygnet® and Intrack® clamps, for jaws which are straight or curved. 4 configurations are available:

- Standard Traction -

Address the need for more traction and conformity by combining a hard surface designed to maintain a secure grip on a vessel, coupled with a softer insert surface for conformity


- Conforming -                                                                            

Extremely soft, very compliant and is typically used on smaller vessels and side branches


- Double Traction -                                                                       

Provides a higher degree of traction for those surgeons who prefer extra gripping ability on large vessels


- Ultra

Combine two important features in one insert; a soft, highly conformable pad surface to help reduce trauma plus an embedded top layer that delivers a minimal level of traction and security

Intrack® Peripheral Vascular and Aortic Clamps

A temporary occlusion system that is less traumatic, lower in profile, and able to provide better procedural access and control. The Intrack® system helps ensure patient safety and gives the surgeon confidence and peace of mind.

- Easy-to-use inserts -Intrack® Inserts fit all Intrack clamps, reducing inventory costs and ordering confusion

- Latex-free insert surface -Increases patient safety by providing maximal security and traction while reducing vessel trauma

- Intrack® clamps -Available in a variety of configurations, including curves. Their slim jaw profile increases surgical access and visualisation


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Code Description     Pack Quantity

Cygnet Flexible Clamps

    Jaw Configuration Jaw Length Jaw Type  
V-10183 Overall Length 39cm, rigid shaft - flexible and retractable neck Straight 33mm INTRACK 1
V-10142 Overall Length 42cm, rigid shaft - flexible and retractable neck Straight 66mm INTRACK 1
V-10143 Overall Length 43cm, rigid shaft - flexible and retractable neck Arched 66mm INTRACK 1
V-10151 Overall Length 46cm, rigid shaft - flexible and retractable neck Straight 86mm INTRACK 1
V-10152 Overall Length 45cm, rigid shaft - flexible and retractable neck Arched 86mm INTRACK 1
Code Description     Pack Quantity

Disposable Jaws Inserts for Vitalitec Occlusion Clamps (supplied in pairs)

    Length Design Colour  
N-10127V CONFORMING Insert 33mm Soft/Soft Blue/Blue 20
N-10128V CONFORMING Insert 66mm Soft/Soft Blue/Blue 20
N-10147V CONFORMING Insert 86mm Soft/Soft Blue/Blue 20
N-10125V TRACTION Insert 33mm Traction/Soft White/Blue 20
N-10126V TRACTION Insert 66mm Traction/Soft White/Blue 20
N-10141V TRACTION Insert 86mm Traction/Soft White/Blue 20
N-10121V DOUBLE TRACTION Insert 33mm Traction/Traction White/White 20
N-10122V DOUBLE TRACTION Insert 66mm Traction/Traction White/White 20
N-10146V DOUBLE TRACTION Insert 86mm Traction/Traction White/White 20
N-10174V ULTRA Insert 66mm Super Soft/Traction - 20
N-10175V ULTRA Insert 86mm Super Soft/Traction - 20
N-10138 CONFORMING XT Insert 45mm Soft/Soft Blue/Blue 20
N-10171 TRACTION XT Insert 45mm Traction/Soft Blue/White 20
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