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Peters Surgical Enclose II

Product Information - Peters Surgical Enclose II

Enclose®II Proximal Anastomosis Assist Device 

The Enclose® II proximal anastomosis assist device was designed specifically to obviate the need for partial clamping of the aorta.

The Enclose® II device can provide the surgeon with a stable, bloodless field and dramatically better haemodynamics compared to partial occlusion clamps. It also allows for up to three sutured anastomoses from one insertion site, without modifying the surgeon's standard technique.


Compared to a partial occlusion clamp, the Enclose® II anastomosis assist device:

• Exerts substantially less pressure on the aortic wall compared to partial occlusion clamps

• Provides improved haemodynamics due to its low profile design

• Potentially decreases vessel trauma

• Has the potential for less intimal damage and embolisation


Enclose® II Kit includes the Enclose device shown on the right, as well as...

Code Description    Pack Quantity

Vitalitec Enclose II

EN235 Enclose Kit Enclose Device, Actuator Tool, 14g Needle, 3.5mm Aortic Punch 1
EN240 Enclose Kit Enclose Device, Actuator Tool, 14g Needle, 4.0mm Aortic Punch 1
EN245 Enclose Kit Enclose Device, Actuator Tool, 14g Needle, 4.5mm Aortic Punch 1
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