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Urodynamic Pump Tube & Filling Sets

Product Information - Urodynamic Pump Tube & Filling Sets

A well designed urodynamic Pump Tube Set is an important component in the smooth running of urodynamics tests such as filling and voiding cystometry. Mediplus Pump Tube Sets are designed to work with the appropriate peristaltic pump to deliver fluid at a predetermined flow rate.

Each set terminates in a rotating male luer connector for secure connection to urodynamic catheters and offers excellent value for money.

The image below shows product code 5807 (Pump tube set for Laborie - with detachable pump tube)


Pump Tube Set

The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit

5180 - Damping Tube Set   5851 - Gravity Fill Set, 1.8m, luer lock connector   5872 - Pump Tube Set - Medtronic/Dantec 

Code Description Pack Quantity

Pump Tube & Filling Sets

for use with following Urodynamics System (Latex Free)

993 Pump Tube Set - Albyn 25
5001 Pump Tube Set - Mediwatch/Medtronic/Dantec 25
5872 Pump Tube Set - Medtronic/Dantec 25
5801/1 Pump Tube Set - Lectromed 25
5806 Pump Tube Set - Laborie 25
5807 Pump Tube Set - Laborie (with detachable Pump Tube) 25
5812 Pump Tube Set - Neomedix 25
5822 Pump Tube Set - MMS Libra, Libraplus and Solar 25
5832 Pump Tube Set - Lifetech 25
5840 Pump Tube Set - Sedia 25
9901 Pump Tube Set - Micromedics 20
5180 Damping Tube Set 50
5850 Gravity Fill Set, 1.8m, luer lock connector 40
5851 Gravity Fill Set, 1.8m, fir tree connector 50
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