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Rectus Sheath Catheter Set

Product Information - Rectus Sheath Catheter Set

Enhanced Recovery with Rectus Sheath Catheter

The Rectus Sheath Catheter Kit was developed by Mediplus in partnership with Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital.

Epidurals have been used for many years to help facilitate post-operative pain management but the complications and management issues are well known. Evidence shows that using the Rectus Sheath Catheter Set (RSC) for post-operative pain management can help facilitate early mobilisation and subsequent release from hospital for patients undergoing a midline abdominal incision.

RSC Outcome Measure
Outcome measure after radical cystectomy (20 patients,
10 for epidural group and 10 for RSC group)
RSC Length of Stay
Length of stay over a 3 year period after colo-rectal surgery
Mean length of stay: 16.2 days for Epidural group / 12.8 days for RSC Group

RSC Mean Post-operative Pain Scores
Mean post-operative pain scores per 12-hour period in Radical Cystectomies -
(PCA use 44% in first 24hrs) 

RSC Length of Stay
Length of stay for cystectomies over period of introduction of ER program

Summary of Benefits of Rectus Sheath Catheter
  • Safer procedure
  • Minimise opioid use
  • Equivalent analgesia
  • Shorter inpatient stay
  • Low ileus rates
  • Less demands on nursing and medical staff
  • Improves haemodynamic stability
  • Earlier mobilisation possibleCatheters can be left in situ for longer
Rectus Sheath blocks can provide effective pain relief for midline surgical incisions
Rectus Sheath Catheters avoid the complications of epidural placement
Rectus Sheath Catheters appear to have a beneficial effect on patient recovery

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Rectus Sheath Catheter Set
Rectus Abdominis MuscleThe Rectus Sheath Catheter Set is designed to block the ventral rami of the lower six  thoracic nerves (T7 –T12) when local anaesthetic is injected into potential space between the rectus abdominis muscle and posterior aspect of the rectus sheath.  It can be used whenever a midline incision is performed, to block somatic pain from the abdominal wall structures superficial to the peritoneum approximately 5cm on either side of the midline.
Implementation of a robust post-operative patient management pathway is key to the success of the RSC as it requires support from the entire clinical team and not just the anaesthetist or surgeon. Experience has shown that regular injections of local anaesthetics form a key part of multi modal analgesia.
RSC Ultrasound Scan showing position
Ultrasound scan showing the position of the RSC in space
posterior to the rectus abdominis muscle
RSC Transverse section of anterior abdominal wall
Transverse section of the anterior abdominal wall, with depiction of Tuohy needle position and location of local anaesthetic injectate for rectus sheath block

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    Abstract European Association of Urology 2012

Pack Contents:
2 x Rectus Sheath Catheters
2 x Catheter connectors with luer locks
1 x Tuohy needle
2 x 0.2 micron filters with needle free injection ports
1 x 10ml syringe
2 x 20ml syringes
1 x 80x80cm drape
Code Description Pack Quantity

Rectus Sheath Catheter Set

6310 Rectus Sheath Catheter Set, 1.0m 5
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