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Product Information - Risser

Risser Pessary - Silicone/folding

Indication for use: Stress urinary incontinence. Designed for patient with shallow pubic notch. Has larger weightbearing zone to support vaginal aspects of pubic.

Risser - Silicone

Risser - SiliconeSize - Risser

All sizes have metal internal support and must be removed before MRI (removal before X-ray may be warranted if pessary will obscure the target area)

Code Description Dimensions Pack Quantity Price Quantity  

Risser /folding Pessary

Risser folding Pessary  Risser pessary dimensional

MXPRI00 Size 0 A 64mm x B 57mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI01 Size 1 A 70mm x B 62mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI02 Size 2 A 70mm x B 64mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI03 Size 3 A 60mm x B 67mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI04 Size 4 A 73mm x B 70mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI05 Size 5 A 78mm x B 79mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI06 Size 6 A 89mm x B 73mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI07 Size 7 A 89mm x B 84mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI08 Size 8 A 98mm x B 87mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPRI09 Size 9 A 105mm x B 86mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
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