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Single-use Lower GI Manometry Catheters

Product Information - Single-use Lower GI Manometry Catheters

Single-Use Catheters for GI  Manometry

Mediplus single-use gastrointestinal manometry catheters are ideal for all types of water-perfused manometry of the GI tract.

The range comprises single-channel, four-channel, eight-channel variants in external diameter sizes of 2.3mm, 3.2mm, 3.9mm, 4.5mm, and 4.9mm with a wide range of perfusion port configurations. All multi-lumen catheters (except Advantage Range - see below) have radiopaque markers at every eye (perfusion port) and black lines marked every centimetre to 75cm starting 1cm from the lumen nearest to the catheter tip.

Designed and priced for single-use - to remove risk of cross-infection, e.g. with Helicobacter Pylori, and exposure of staff to toxic chemicals used in cleaning  reusable catheters, they offer the following benefits:

  1. Multiple-channel measurement for a greater range of measurements possible than with microtips
  2. Transparent tubing, so that any air bubbles in the line will be visible
  3. Winged luer locks for secure connection to transducers
  4. Numbered centimetre markings for easy measurement
  5. Co-extruded stripe to locate channel one 

Single-Use Catheters for GI  Manometry

A small range of reusable catheters is also available.

Advantage Range products incorporate the latest techniques in manufacturing to offer cost effective advantages for these single-use manometry catheters. Features include a universal thermoplastic balloon that expands from 50-400ml to provide versatility with patients' needs, a syringe-activated check valve to maintain balloon inflation, and larger than standard markers at 1cm intervals from the lumen nearest to the catheter tip extend the entire length of the catheter.

These products are supplied clean, non-sterile.

NOTE:  Unless otherwise indicated, all catheters have open central lumen for guidewire insertion

If required, the following size guidewires can be used:

Catheter o.d. 2.3mm use guidewire 0.5mm
Catheter o.d. 3.2mm use guidewire 0.8mm
Catheter o.d. 3.9mm use guidewire 1.0mm
Catheter o.d. 4.5mm use guidewire 1.0mm
Catheter o.d. 4.9mm use guidewire 1.0mm

2300E - 8 channel with balloon (Advantage range), 4.9 o.d., length 150cm   2303E - 8 channel with balloon, 4.9 o.d., length 150cm   2309 - Anorectal Response, 14Fr. (Advantage range)

Product Information - Single-Use Anorectal Manometry Range

Specialist Products in the Anorectal Catheter Range

Mediplus Rectal Stump (Vector Manometry) Catheter

Product code 2386

Mediplus rectal stump catheters have been designed specifically for patients 
with less than 10cm of accessible distal bowel in which to evaluate anal canal sphincter function.  It is important to have an accurate measurement for anal canal sphincter function in patients who have a temporary colostomy and are awaiting reconnection to establish intestinal continuity so as to predict the likelihood of faecal incontinence.

The Mediplus rectal stump catheter allows an accurate measure of anal canal sphincter function in this situation because the recording ports are located 0.5cm from the insertion tip, rather than at 5cm as in other commercially available water-perfused manometry catheters.

Code Description      Pack Quantity

Single-Use Anorectal Manometry Range

    Configuration (cm) Channels Length Tube o.d.  
2406 Anorectal Manometry with balloon (Advantage Range) 4 150cm 4.5mm 5
2300E Anorectal Manometry with balloon (Advantage Range) 8 150cm 4.9mm 5
2303E Anorectal Manometry with balloon (Advantage Range) 8 150cm 4.9mm 5
2386 Rectal Stump Catheter (Vector Manometry) 8 150cm 4.9mm 5
2309 Anorectal Response Catheter, 14Fr. (Advantage Range) 10
Code Description      Pack Quantity

Single-use Colonic Catheters

    Configuration (cm) Channels Length Tube o.d.  
2320 Colonic Manometry 8 200cm 3.9mm 5
2315 Colonic Manometry 8 240cm 4.9mm 5
2316 Colonic Manometry 8 240cm 4.9mm 5
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