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Product Information - Smith

Smith Pessary - Silicone/folding

Indication for use: Modification of the Hodge pessary.  For stress urinary incontinence. Designed for patient with well defined pubic notch.  Helpful in cases of repeated miscarriage due to an incomplete cervix by repositioning the weight of the growing foetus.

Smith - Silicone

Smith - SiliconeSize - Smith

All Sizes have internal metal support and must be removed before MRI (removal before X-ray may be warranted if pessary will obscure the target area)

Code Description Dimensions Pack Quantity Price Quantity  

Smith /folding Pessary

Smith folding Pessary  Smith pessary dimensional

MXPES00 Size 0 A 79mm x B 51mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES01 Size 1 A 83mm x B 54mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES02 Size 2 A 89mm x B 57mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES03 Size 3 A 95mm x B 60mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES04 Size 4 A 108mm x B 64mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES05 Size 5 A 114mm x B 67mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES06 Size 6 A 121mm x B 70mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES07 Size 7 A 127mm x B 73mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES08 Size 8 A 140mm x B 76mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
MXPES09 Size 9 A 146mm x B 79mm 1 £34.48 Add to Basket
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