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Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter

Product Information - Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter

Utilising the Seldinger catheter introduction system to place the custom designed cystometry (urodynamic) catheter offers a number of advantages to both the clinician and the patient:

  1. Minimum trauma for the patient
  2. Minimum tissue damage
  3. Locating the bladder with the 18g hypodermic needle confirms correct location for catheter introduction
  4. The 70%/30% split lumen configuration ensures a faster filling rate, and better pressure measurement using the smallest charriere size
  5. Colour-coded pressure lines enable easy identification

Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter Sets

Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter Set 

The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit

5750 - Suprapubic Cystometry Set, 6Fr./Ch.   5752 - Suprapubic Cystometry Set, 8Fr./Ch.

Code Description    Pack Quantity

Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter Sets

    Size Length  
5752 Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter Set 6 Fr./Ch. 16cm 5
5750 Suprapubic Cystometry Catheter Set 8 Fr./Ch. 19cm 5
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