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TIVA Combination-Set

Product Information - TIVA Combination-Set

Increasing Safety in Anaesthesia

Mediplus has worked closely with anaesthetists to create another innovation for the safe delivery of anaesthesia.

When patients move from theatres into recovery, the current practice requires the IV connector to be discarded in favour of a needle-freeconnector. The new TIVA Combination Set features a detachable Siamese infusion line combined with a needle-free IV connector.This means only the TIVA set is discarded leaving the IV connector in place.

Reducing cost and risk, saving time and promoting better infection control.

TIVA Combination Set

Cannula on Hand

Cannula on Hand without extension set

The Mediplus TIVA Combination Set complies with the recommendations from SALG1 (Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group), emphasising the following:

  • Anti-reflux and anti-siphon valves2,3 to reduce instances of backflow/free-flow
  • Clearly labelled product
  • Instruction for use and full tecnical support from Mediplus
  • Soft distal end / anti-kink bridge to reduce risk of cannula dislodgement and kinking

TIVA Combination Set Features

Typically, theatres currently use an IV connector and add extension/infusion lines. Once the patient is transferred to Recovery /ICU/Wardit is necessary to replace that IV connector with a needle-free connector, so discarding to clinical waste all of these items.

Current Practice

The TIVA Combination Set includes a long 2.5m 2- or 3-way multiple infusion set (providing adequate length to ease patient transfer)and IV connector with needle-free port – all in one sterile peel pouch. The Siamese configuration of the infusion line prevents lineentanglement and the U-shape connector fits neatly to the back of the patient’s hand; its anti-kink bridge reduces risk of cannuladislodgement and kinking. Once the patient is transferred to Recovery/ICU/ Ward, the IV connector with its needle-free, wipe-clean portstays in place and only the infusion line is discarded.

New Combi Set Technique

So, the TIVA Combination Set saves storage space and cost (all items in one pack), saves time (no additional components required),promotes better infection control (only one IV connector required), and reduces risk (Siamese tubing and anti-kink bridge).

TIVA Combination Set Flyer


  1. Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group “Guaranteeing drug delivery intotal intravenous anaesthesia” 2009
  2. Keay S, Callander C. The safe use of infusion devices. CEACCP2004;4:81–85.
  3. MDA/2007/089 – Intravenous (IV) infusion lines: all brands.

Code Description Length Pack Quantity

TIVA Combination-Set

6702 3-way TIVA Combination Set (includes 2-way Safe Connect) 2.5m 50
6701 2 way IV Combination Set (includes 2-way Safe Connect) 2.5m 50
6700 2-way Safe Connect - 50
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