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Transducer Pressure Domes

Product Information - Transducer Pressure Domes

To complete the range of urodynamics products available from Mediplus, we also offer several popular pressure transducer domes, plus our own SetGuard and extension sets.

Other domes can be supplied; please contact us.

The MX960XYP1 - Logical disposable dome with male/female luer lock is a hygienic, cost effective solution with its disposable dome, easy to use “snap-grid” coupling and high precision measurement.

The main feature of the MX960X2SCP1 is that it has no liquid between the transducer and the dome diaphragms.

These products are supplied sterile.



The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit
Code Description Pack Quantity

Transducer Pressure Domes

75.1097 Cable for Dome/Transducer 1
840-22 Memscap Dome 50
844-31 Memscap Dome 50
BDPT-6100 Pressure Transducer (non-sterile) 50
MX960P1 Transducer 1
MX960X2SCP1 Dome with 2 stopcocks - 1 way/3 way 50
MX960XXP1 Logical Dome, male/male 50
MX960XYP1 Logical Dome, male/female 50
AS-0600 Novadome for Novatrans, M/F 50
AS-0601 Novadome for Novatrans, with 2 Stopcocks 50
AS-0602 Novadome for Novatrans, M/M 50
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