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Urodynamic Catheters - Urethral Pressure Profile

Product Information - Urodynamic Catheters - Urethral Pressure Profile

Single & Double Lumen UPP Catheters

Mediplus Urodynamics single lumen UPP catheter, designed for the Brown-Wickham Test, features diametrically-opposing holes 7cm from the tip for perfusion and simultaneous pressure measurement, centimetre markings for UPP, and winged luers for secure connections.

The Mediplus urodynamic double lumen UPP catheters enable ease of patient catheterisation, with a fast filling rate followed by simultaneous accurate UPP and cystometry measurement.

The design is such that only 30% of the lumen cross-sectional area is devoted to cystometry measurement, with the remaining 70% dedicated to filling and sequential UPP.

This ensures a maximum fill rate of 100ml per minute (sizes Ch.8 and Ch.10 only) with a catheter diameter smaller than would otherwise be needed: hence greater convenience and patient comfort.

The pressure lines on codes 5704Y and 5724Y are 130cm in length to ensure direct connection of the patient's bladder to the pressure transducer without the need for additional extension tubing, so offering an accurate, cost-saving and convenient catheter.

Double Lumen UPP Catheter - Product Code 5704Y

Double Lumen UPP Catheter

Triple Lumen UPP Catheters

The three lumen design enables cystometry and UPP with simultaneous perfusion to be performed.  The three lumen section of the catheter has a urethral pressure profile cross sectional area showing 50% apportioned to filling for improved filling rates, 25% to cystometry and 25% to UPP.  The two colour-coded Ch.4.5 pressure lines (red and blue on the Ch.9 catheters and yellow and blue on the Ch.7 catheter) are an additional 130cm long to enable direct bladder-transducer connection without the need for extension tubing.

The PVC Ch.9 triple lumen catheter is available in two variants, code 5331 with 130cm pressure lines, and codes 5332 and 5335 with shorter 15cm pressure lines.

The polyurethane Ch.7 triple lumen catheter, code 5333, has a low profile collar placed on either side of the urethral pressure measuring eye.  This creates a 360° ring of fluid around the circumference of the catheter whilst measuring the urethral pressure. This means that the variation of pressure in the urethra is averaged, which improves the accuracy of the test.

Triple Lumen UPP Catheters

These products are supplied sterile.

The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit

5331 - Triple Lumen (Polyurethane)   5332 - Triple Lumen (short)   5704 - Double Lumen Catheter 

Code Description      Pack Quantity

Urethral Pressure Profile Catheters

(Medical grade PVC - suitable for patients with latex hypersensitivity)

    Size Filling Line Pressure Line Single/Multi Lumen Length  
5300 Single Lumen Catheter 8 Fr./Ch. - - 40cm 10
5724Y Double Lumen with Y connector 6 Fr./Ch. 15cm 130cm 65cm 10
5704 Double Lumen Catheter 8 Fr./Ch. 15cm 15cm 65cm 10
5706 Double Lumen, extended lines 8 Fr./Ch. 130cm 130cm 65cm 10
5704Y Double Lumen with Y connector 8 Fr./Ch. 15cm 130cm 65cm 10
5333 Triple Lumen (Polyurethane) 7 Fr./Ch. 12cm 130cm 40cm 10
5331 Triple Lumen (PVC) 9 Fr./Ch. 15cm 130cm 50cm 10
5332 Triple Lumen (short) - packed coiled 9 Fr./Ch. 15cm 15cm 50cm 10
5335 Triple Lumen (short) - packed straight 9 Fr./Ch. 15cm 15cm 35cm 10
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