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Urodynamic Catheters - Single Lumen Filling & Cystometry

Product Information - Urodynamic Catheters - Single Lumen Filling & Cystometry

Extension lines of sufficient length to reach from the patient to the urodynamics machine are integrated into the catheter during manufacture.  This eliminates the need to buy separate extension lines.  More importantly, it reduces the number of connections in the fluid system (each unnecessary connection is a possible site for micro air bubbles to form and affect the accuracy of pressure measurement).

Each filling catheter in the range has a diamond-shaped eye which improves release of the bladder pressure catheter during the 'piggy-back' technique of catheter introduction into the bladder.

All Urodynamic catheters are fitted with winged luer connectors to aid connection to and release from the pump tubin or other accessories.

For greater user convenience we also offer Cystometry Sets comprising bladder pressure and filling catheters or bladder filling, pressure and rectal catheters in one pack.

Bladder Filling Catheter

Bladder Filling Catheter

Bladder Pressure Catheter

Bladder Pressure Catheter

These products are supplied sterile.

5100 - Bladder Pressure Catheter

The Urodynamics Circuit

Many different configurations of urodynamics "circuit" are used throughout the world. This illustration shows a typical UK/European configuration but whatever your requirements, Mediplus can supply all the components to suit your needs.
Urodynamics Circuit
Code Description    Pack Quantity

Bladder Pressure Catheters (Latex Free)

    Size Length  
5100N Bladder Pressure Catheter, Nylon 3.3 Fr./Ch. 200cm 25
5100 Bladder Pressure Catheter, PVC 4.5 Fr./Ch. 200cm 25
Code Description    Pack Quantity

Bladder Filling Catheters (latex Free)

    Size Length  
5206 Bladder Filling Catheter, PVC 6 Fr./Ch. 40cm 10
5208 Bladder Filling Catheter, PVC 8 Fr./Ch. 40cm 10
5200 Bladder Filling Catheter, PVC 10 Fr./Ch. 40cm 10
5200S Bladder Filling Catheter, PVC (Soft) 10 Fr./Ch. 40cm 10
5212 Bladder Filling Catheter, PVC 12 Fr./Ch. 40cm 10
Code Description    Pack Quantity

Air Filled Catheters

    Size Length  
5900 Exeter Catheter, Micro balloon, hard luer connector 6 Fr./Ch. 60cm 10
5901 Micro balloon, softer luer connector 6 Fr./Ch. 60cm 10
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