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Uroscan Bladder Scanner

Product Information - Uroscan Bladder Scanner

UroScan - Bladder Scanner


Ultrasound Bladder Scanning is becoming a more important tool in medical procedures such as suprapubic catheterisation (SPC). By using the Uroscan you can see in real time that you have a successful placement of a catheter, reducing the possiblity of bladder wall perferation and other associated risks of performing a SPC. Used alonside the Mediplus S-CathTM system, performing an SPC procedure can become less daunting for the clinician performing the procedure.

Key Benefits of the UroScanTM

  1. Quick Check Mode - easily determine Post Void Residual Volume without the need to make a measurement 
  2. Reference Mode - enables quick and easy comparisons to clinical protocols determined and loaded into UroScanTM by your Medical Clinician this dramatically reduces the need to take measurements.
  3. Customisable Reports - provides documentation of bladder scans and patient information for your records. Records can be stored locally or in your network-based patient repository.
  4. Measurement Mode - uses industry-standard ellipsoid volume formula to calculate bladder volume by touching the width, height, and thickness of the bladder on the tablet's touch screen. Measurement prompts insure correct use.
  5. Built-in software - Mediplus will supply the software. Very simple to use, you plugin the UroScanTM and it is ready to use. 


Full Bladder

Bladder - Ultrasound

Bladder Wall

Bladder Wall - Ultrasound

UroScan - Bladder Scanner Flyer

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99-9008 UroScan 1
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