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Welcome to Mediplus

Mediplus has two clinical divisions – Pelvic Floor and Critical Care.

The Pelvic Floor Division promotes Urology, Urodynamic, Gynaecology, Male Impotence and Gastroenterology products. These include:

Mediplus' New All Silicone Shelf Pessary the POPYTM. A conservative, cost effective solution for 2nd/3rd degree prolapse or procidentia.

Urology products, such as, S-CathTM an innovative method of Inserting Catheters Suprapubically that is proven to be safer, faster and dramatically more cost effective than other Urinary Catheters on the market, Foley Catheters, for both adult and Paediatric Urology.  

Urodynamic catheters and equipment such as Uroflow to assist in the diagnosis of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms such as Bladder Incontinence, Urge Incontinence and Stress Urinary Incontinence. A novel, Non-invasive Urodynamic device "The Penile Cuff Test" for the diagnosis of Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO). These tests are often carried out as a precursor to Incontinence Surgery or, for male patients, Transurethral Resection of the Prostate surgery (TURP).

For a more conservative management of female patients, Mediplus offers the Milex range of Pessaries for pelvic Organ Prolapse, vaginal and rectal prolapse and as an additional Incontinence Treatment which often avoids the need for Incontinence Surgery.

Non-invasive management of Impotence and Peyronie's Disease utilizing the Osbon ErecAid. The Osbon ErecAid is a Vacuum Therapy System that is proven to be highly effective in the management of Male Impotence and has also been proven as a Peyronie's Treatment option avoiding the need for a Surgical Operation.

Gastroenterology products for the identification of gastric disorders and Digestive Motility Diseases and Disorders such as Achalasia, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and ano-rectal problems.

Development of an innovative skincare cream – AlokuiTM. With its 100% natural ingredients, AlokuiTM has been formulated to help patients suffering with damaged skin

The Critical Care Division promotes Anaesthetic, ligating clips and general Theatre products. These include:

TIVA Combination Sets, Increasing Safety in Anaesthesia, Reducing cost and Risk, Saving time and promoting better infection control.

Anaesthetic sets, commonly known as Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) sets, plus a range of peripheral IV connectors. The Mediplus TIVA sets are considered Gold Standard by clinicians through Europe.

Introduction of a Rectus Sheath Catheter Set for post-operative pain management after abdominal surgery in line with Enhanced Recovery Guidelines

A range dedicated Oxygen Masks and nasal cannulae sampling lines for use in Capnography.
Ligation products including SLS Ligating clips, manufactured by Vitalitac and silicone Mediloops for temporary ligation.

Specialist Infusion Tubing and Arthroscopy Surgical Sets.

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Information on Exhibitions, Conferences and Study Days

 Latest News

S-Cath™ System suprapubic catheterisation kit is awarded the UK’s most prestigious accolade.

Mediplus wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2017 

                             Queen's Award for Innovation 2017

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See Mediplus products at the following venues in 2016/2017:

March 2017

26th - 31st March

UKCS The Civic Centre, Newcastle

Stand 14

April 2017

27th April

Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Annual Spring Meeting - Dunlekd Hotel

27th April

BSOA Spring Scientific Meeting - Thinktank, Millennium Point, Curzon St, Birmingham, B4 7XG

May 2017

5th May

Manchester Medical Society Section of Anaesthesia & Yorkshire Society of Anaesthetists - Education and Research Centre Wythenshawe Hospital


18th - 19th May

Obstetric Anaesthesia Meeting, Brussels Meeting Centre

12th - 16th May

AUA Annual Meeting The Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre

Mediplus, AUA,

22nd May - 23rd May

ACA Belfast Waterfront

June 2017

26th - 28th June

BAUS Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow

Stand 314

BAUS 2017

July 2017

14th July

Female Sexual Dysfunction and the Pelvic Floor, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Stand EC1

September 2017

26th - 28th September

Understanding Urodynamics, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Stand EC1

November 2017

2nd - 3rd November

Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Stand N8

For more information on these events and exhibitions Mediplus will be attending please contact head office on 01494 551200. Alternatively email marketing@mediplus.co.uk 

Mediplus sell medical equipment in the following product areas:
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